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Jaffa Theatre – A Stage for Arab Hebrew Culture

The award winning Jaffa Theatre was founded in 1998 in a multi-arched building in Old Jaffa overlooking the sea.  The theatre creates a unique theatrical language making use of the challenging space with the rich human fabric that exists in Jaffa.

Jaffa Theatre is a unique institution in the Israeli theatre world in terms of social involvement and in its style.

The theatre holds 3 major annual festivals: The Jaffa Children's Festival, Theatroneto and The Festival of Arab Culture

The theatre continues to focus on Middle Eastern culture staging a new musical cabaret on the life of the famous Egyptian singer Farid El Atrash.

Arab Hebrew Culture in Jaffa, Program 2021


Kobi and Yossi – SalonIrakim – Performance of Kobi Oshrat and Yossi Alfi & 2 musicians

1929 (Tarpat) – By Avner Ben- Amos based on Hillel Cohen’s book: Director: Sinai Peter

Lord of the Flies – A new and fresh version, Arabic & Hebrew from a well-known book.

Block 30 – By Hanna Vazana Grunwald based on stories by Sami Bardugo, Ronit Matalon and Naftali Shem-Tov

“The End”- By Moti Lerner with Oded Kotler and Daniel Bartov. Director: Itzik Weingarten

Arabic Stage, Directed by Rauda Sliman.

Sa’adun Al Majnoon (Crazy Sa’adun) – An entertaining Egyptian comedy.  Arabic with Hebrew Subtitles.

“Tanzim” – A new play by Ayman Agbariya. Arabic with Hebrew subtitles

Literary and poetry Evenings of Arab poets and writers.

Arabic versions of Jaffa Theatre Shows: “The Yellow Wind,” “Farid El Atrash”


Women’ Festival- March

 The 30th Theatronetto Festival of one-man shows – Passover Holiday

The 5th Yaffa Festival of Contemporary Arab Culture – July

The 15th Children’s Jaffa Festival – During Succot, October

MEMENTO- Festival of Documentary Theatre – Artistic Director Einat Weitzman

In cooperation with Anis Auditorium

 Special Activities:

Community Theatre – Youth Theatre Ensemble. Arabic & Hebrew

Evenings of World Music

Evenings of Poetry and Literature

Playback Theatre Arabic-Hebrew

Hosting Fringe Shows locally and from abroad


JAFFA THEATRE - Board of Directors:  Tamar Guy, Akram Hilo - Co-Chairs
Ayat Abou-Shmeiss, Arnon Ben-Yair, Maya Bailey, Rina Bar-Tal, Futna Jabber, Yitzhak Ganor, Motti Grunwald,
Rachel Dolev, Itzik Weingarten, Arie Hanan, Guy Levi, Aliza Savir, Nahad Sakis, Yossi Frost, Dalia Raz,
Michal Refaeli-Kadoury, Igal Sasson, Amit Schejter

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Supporters for the Theatre: The Arab Hebrew Theatre is a non-profit organization that succeeds to create unique theatre despite economic drawbacks. To our delight private and public bodies believe in the theatre's work and see themselves as partners showing their support by cash contributions or by administrative or marketing support for which we are very thankful.
Involvement in the Community: Jaffa Theatre considers community involvement is a matter of top priority. Support of performances in the peripheries is an opportunity for youth to experience culture. Jaffa Theatre delivers a social or political message through theatre within Arab and Jewish communities.  It initiates theatre days and performances with social messages to diversified populations and communities in the Arab and Jewish communities throughout the country followed by discussions with audiences to create a dialogue in schools and community centers hosting the theatre. 
Support co-existence: In Jaffa Theatre the phrase "multicultural" is not just a figure of speech but a fact and an ideology. The cultural involvement is realized by partnering with the local community, Jewish and Arab, veterans and new citizens, to accept the other exposing theater to communities that scarcely see theatre in halls around the country.  Jaffa Theatre employs art to promote social change between Arabs and Jews. Jaffa Theatre is a unique organization that serves as a model for creative collaboration between Arabs and Jews.  The Theatre deals with difficult issues in collaboration with Arab and Jewish artists a rarity in mainstream theatres in Israel.
Support of new Productions: Jaffa Theatre produces innovative and groundbreaking theatre on political and social subjects focusing on east Mediterranean cultures.  Dr. Naftali Shem-Tov from the Literature, Arts and Linguistics department at the Open University says on the subjects the theatre deals with "the contents are unsettling innovative and exceptional."


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