The Admission

Towards a Production of "The Admission"

in the Hebrew-Arab Theatre in Jaffa in Fall of 2016

Motti Lerner's "The Admission" addresses one of the central issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – the creation of the Palestinian refugees’ problem in 1948.  The play was written in 2007. It was initially scheduled for production in the Haifa Municipal Theatre, later in the Cameri Theatre and Habima Theatre in Tel Aviv, subsequently in the Herzliya Theatre, and then again at the Cameri Theatre. All the plans to produce it were cancelled, apparently because of external pressures on the theatres. In 2014, it was produced in English in Washington D.C. by Theatre J, directed by Sinai Peter, and in light of its critical success, the production’s run was extended at D.C.’s Studio Theatre. The play was a nominee for the prestigious Helen Hayes award for the Best Play of the Year.

The play focuses on a young Jewish Israeli professor at the University of Haifa who was seriously injured in the First Lebanon War of 1982 and is confronted with the accusations of a Palestinian family that his father was involved in the killing of their relatives during the conquest of their village and the expulsion of its inhabitants in 1948. The son rejects the accusations and tries to convince his father to expose his version of the event.  The father avoids discussing the affair but as new testimonies are brought up, he admits to his son that his regiment was caught in a difficult situation during battle and in an act of self-defense some Palestinian civilians were killed. Yet, the father refuses to discuss the event publicly. The Palestinian family, too, chooses to ignore the traumatic event in its past in order to continue their life peacefully in the present. The play was inspired by the controversy over the conquest of the Palestinian village Tantura in 1948.

In light of the importance of the play for the dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians and to reaffirm the value of freedom of expression amid the current political-cultural climate in Israel, the Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa has decided to produce the play in its 2016-2017 season. The production will be directed by Sinai Peter. Rehearsals begin in August 2016. The cast includes four Jewish Israeli and three Palestinian actors.

We plan to produce thirty performances in the Jaffa Theater 30 and an additional ten performances in for Arab audiences in Haifa, Nazareth and Tayibe.

regular: 90 ILS
student/pensioner: 75 ILS
Date Time Place  
31.10.17 20:30 The Arab - Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa ראשי Order
13.11.17 20:00 The Arab - Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa ראשי Order
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