The Island

A new play at the Jaffa Theater

By: Ethel Pogard
Translation: Anton Shamas
Directed by Igal Ezraty
Design: Uri Onn, Costumes: Sandra Sakran
Lighting: Roy Dvir, Music: Pat Matini

Murad Hassan - Winston
Diaa Mughrabi - John

South Africa, in the 70's in the dark years of the Apartheid regime. The white minority oppresses the black majority. John and Winston, two political prisoners, in the prison on the island of Ruben, struggle with daily oppression, humiliation, abuse, despair, through their imaginative power that does not recognize boundaries. They struggle to preserve their human image in the face of the prison guards who constantly attempt to break their spirit. At the center of the play is the prisoners attempt to raise their version of the classic Greek play Antigone, which deals with the struggle between state law and internal morality

The play was written in South Africa in the 1970's by a white playwright and two black actors who during the process of rehearsals the play was created.  Since then it became a success and is performed around the world.





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