The 6th Yaffa Festival - Contemporary Arab Culture

The 6th Yaffa Festival of Contemporary Arab Culture
A multicultural celebration of theatre, music, cinema, lectures and fashion show!
July 6-10, 2021 Tuesday – Saturday
The Yaffa Festival of Arab Contemporary Culture at Jaffa Theatre for the 6th year with the aim of exposing contemporary Arab culture unfamiliar to the Israeli public.
Artistic Committee: Rauda Sliman, Futna Jabber, Igal Ezraty, Hanna Vazana-Grunwald, Ravid Sevil, Consultant: Eli Grunfeld, Arabic Translations: Rauda Sliman, Producer: Ravid Sevil, Public Relations: Amalia Eyal, Elinor Glikman.
Ticket prices:
Performances at the Theatre Square, lectures and workshops. Free Registration in advance.
Theatre shows: 50 NIS
Films & Music performances- 30 NIS
Box Office: 03-5185563 or Website:
Festival Program
Tuesday 6/7/21

18:00 – Film: “Personal Affairs:" by Maha Haj - 90 min. Arabic, Hebrew subtitles

19:30 – Theatre: “Sa’adun Al Majnun” (Crazy Sa’adun) – A spicy Egyptian comedy.

90 Min. Arabic Hebrew subtitles

21:15 - Music:  Hits with a Taste of YesteryearA Festive Opening at the Theatre Square Elias Attala & his Ensemble
Thursday 8/7/21

18:00 – Lecture “Protests Soundtrack” Naomi Aviad on the Arab Spring Protest songs 50 min. Hebrew

19:00 – Theatre: “HaRais” Musical Theatre inspired by an old Tunisian Legend. 50 min. Hebrew

20:00 – Lecture: “Samih Al Qasim,” on the famous poet and playwright with Dr. Hatam Baderna, accompanied by excerpts of performances. 55 Min. Hebrew

21:00 – Performance Art: “Raida Adon “My Soul & I” 17 min. non-verbal

              Dance – Seventy-three 5 min. work of Noor Algrably

21:30 – Film "The Dead of Jaffa"- by Ram Leovy. Actors Yussef Abu-Warda & Ruba Ballal-Asfour. Followed by a discussion with the artists. 97 min. Arabic, Hebrew & English subtitles.

Friday 9/7/21

16:00 – Discussion – Following a series “Homeland Lesson” A journey to the root of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, Modi Bar-On & Anat Zeltzer. Hebrew-Arabic

Saturday 10/7/21

11:00- Exhibition “Yaffo Through Eyes of Artists from Nazareth & the Galillee”

Festive Opening. Curators: Gaada Spadi, Mashbach Tatur

12:00 -15:00 – Workshops: Producer Futna Jabber.  Puppet Theatre, Patches & Straw Weaving, Sweets. From age 4 for all the family. Registration in Advance
Rola Masara - Patchwork Workshop
Asmahan Halal - Straw Weaving Workshop
Putna Jaber - Sweets Workshop
16:00 –Musical Lecture: Naila Labas on Palestinian Folklore songs
17:00 –Dance floor:  Yalla Let’s Dance! - Noor Grably: Dancing Debka with the audience.
17:30 – Film: “Mussolini’s Sister” by Juna Suleiman, 70 min. Arabic Hebrew subtitles.
19:00 –Event: “Confessions on Home:” Arabs & Jews talk about their fears and hopes.
20:00 –  fashion show from the Palestinian folklore producer Motty Reif and Futna Jabber
Futna Jabber
Rauda Sliman
Galit Giat
Mira Awad
Ibtisam Mara'ana
Noam Elias Schuster
Eden Uliel
Fatme Hatib
Anwar Jour
Hagar and Elia Adi On Ezraty
Shira Grunwald
21:00 – Music: Karrar Ensemble with Galit Giat – Closing event from songs of Fairuz and original music.

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